About us

MBTD – that stands for MASCHINENBAU-TECHNIK W. DÜRBAUM GmbH. Founded in 1993 by Wilhelm Dürbaum and Andreas Packbier, the company can now look back on 25 years of experience. During this time, we have accompanied numerous customers on their way to market success and still support many of them today.

The combination of outstanding projects and profound expertise at an always fair price makes us a sought-after partner. Thus, we have established a firm position in the worldwide market for the production and design of tempered rolls, special machines and roll apparatus. We specialize in particular in products that are designed down to the last detail to meet customer-specific requirements.

Our service in the area of CAD design services and FEM is also in demand among our customers. It allows you to compensate for order peaks and keep your company strong and efficient even during vacation periods.


Our know-how and experience make the decisive difference for our customers. They rely on our many years of expertise, our flexibility in day-to-day operations and our tireless commitment to mastering challenges professionally, competently and quickly..

Andreas Packbier

Andreas Packbier has been managing the business at the company’s headquarters in Düren since 1993. He is a state-certified technician in the field of mechanical engineering. He also offers his know-how as a recognized and certified expert in mechanical engineering.
Andreas Packbier is a member of the “Deutsche Sachverständigen Gesellschaft mbH” (DESAG) and the “Berufsfachverband für das Sachverständigen- und Gutachterwesen e. V.” (BSG e. V.)

Our brand promise

We develop tomorrow’s ideas that move today/ tomorrow’s ideas for today’s products. This is our brand promise, which we keep day after day in cooperation with our customers and partners. With sound expertise and years of experience, we support our customers in finding the best solution for their needs. Our deep-rooted values are expressed in our thoughts and actions:

We think in a structured and holistic way. Our analytical view, our know-how and our many years of experience distinguish us. With a high level of competence, we help our customers to find what they are looking for and, above all, what they really need.

In partnership
Thanks to modern methods, we develop clear strategies together with our customers, get new ideas off the ground and enable our customers to react to new market conditions at any time.

We are convinced that the full potential of an idea only unfolds with its implementation. That’s why we never leave it at theories, but develop intelligent solutions that work, and see them through to market success.