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Mechanical engineering

Rely on our many years of practical experience and our extensive expertise for your projects in the field of special mechanical engineering. We are not satisfied with the first best solution, but always look for the optimal solution for you and manufacture products especially for special customer requirements.

  • Rotary die cutting
  • Cold and hot stamping stations
  • Immersion baths
  • Calibration stations
  • Laminators
  • Roller tak offs
  • Cooling/conveying lines

Apparatus engineering

Are you looking for a specialist with great know-how and a lot of experience for apparatus and tank engineering? You have come to the right place! As recognized experts and surveyors, we have outstanding expertise and accompany you from the first draft to the realization of your apparatus.

You can obtain both our own products, such as the roller cooler/flaker series or heating mantles, as well as third-party products that are completely geared to meeting your specifications and requirements.

  • Flaker
  • Heating mantles
  • Single and double filter housings
  • Storage tanks
  • Pre-crystallizers
  • Agitator components
  • Housing


Roll coolers, also called “flakers”, are used for the crystallization of saturated solutions and for the solidification and cooling of melts. Roll coolers are increasingly used in the chemical and food industries.

The crystallized, cooled and solidified product adheres to the surface of the chill roll. A scraping device then detaches the product from the surface and guides it in flake form (so-called flakes) via the product outlet to further processing. The product can be easily packed, dosed and transported in this flake form.

Compared to other continuous solidification processes, roll cooling units (RCCs) are characterized by simple process control. They are easy to operate, require extremely little maintenance and, thanks to their compact design, have a low space requirement and low energy consumption. As a result, they offer high cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly operation at low investment costs.

The standard encapsulated machines are also available in dust-tight or gas-tight versions. These are ideal for processing odor-intensive and even toxic products. Specially designed connections allow you to discharge any emissions to the outside via external pipe systems and appropriate filter systems without disturbing or endangering the operating personnel or the environment.

Special apparatus

You have special requirements and want to realize solutions that are outside the standard? With us, you have the right partner at your side, because such projects require the highest level of expertise and know-how from practical experience! The unique experience from numerous special designs for our customers makes us the specialist for solutions that are exactly tailored to your requirements.

Would you like to talk to us about your project? We will be happy to advise you and accompany you in close cooperation, from development to production. You can reach us by phone or conveniently via our contact form.