We offer you a wide range of rollers, each of which can be tailored exactly to your requirements. Choose between different materials and determine the optimal surface coatings depending on the intended use.
We pay attention to maximum precision during production and place the highest demands on the concentricity and quality of the surface coating, because this is where the contact surface with the later product lies.
Do you have any questions about our services or would you like to talk to us about your project? We look forward to hearing from you! We will gladly accompany you from the first technical drawings to the manufacturing of your individual products. You can reach us by phone or conveniently via our contact form.

Heating rolls/cooling rolls

We can supply you with cooling and heating rolls specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of the plastics, film, textile and paper industries. Cooling and heating rolls are used when products have to be processed under strict adherence to a certain temperature. Here, a reliably constant and uniform surface temperature across the entire width of the roll is just as crucial as economical power consumption. Our heating and cooling rolls impress with their favorable energy consumption values, their very good heating and cooling properties, and their high mechanical accuracy.

  • Double shell with guide spiral (co-current, counter-current)
  • Single shell system with spray/siphon tube

Drying cylinder

You can obtain dryer cylinders from us both as replacements for your existing cylinders and for your new installations. Our drying cylinders are characterized by high-quality materials, excellent concentricity and a resistant surface structure. This makes them not only easy to maintain, but also particularly durable.

We offer the drying cylinders both in steel/welded construction and in cast design. The steel/welded construction is convincing due to its lower mass, an optimized price-performance ratio as well as fast delivery times.

  • single shell system with the scoop or siphon pipe

Embossing rollers

An embossing roller makes it possible to transfer an engraving to a workpiece by means of pressure and thus to mark, structure and finish the material surface with a pattern.

We can supply you with embossing rollers as a steel/welded construction in double shell or thick wall single shell design for all applications in inline and offline processes. In addition to these standard applications, we also offer calender rolls in hardened design made of solid material


  • Doppelmantelsystem
  • Einmantelsystem mit Dickwand
  • Vollwalze
  • Für weitere Spezifikationen und bei Fragen sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

Drive/tensioning drums

Drive and tensioning pulleys are among the central drive elements for any type of conveyor belt system. If they fail, the belt comes to a standstill and there is a risk not only of delivery delays, but also of lost sales and repair costs.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, a long service life and low-maintenance operation are key criteria in the development of your drive and tensioning pulleys.

We can supply you with drive drums as steel/welded constructions in double-jacket or single-jacket design for cooling belt or conveyor belt systems.

  • Doppelmantel mit Leitspirale gekühlt oder geheizt
  • Einmantelsystem mit Stützringen (ungekühlt)
  • Wellen-/Nabenausführungen für hohe Zugbelastungen

Guide rollers

Our guide rolls impress with their high surface quality and reliable concentricity. They always remain dimensionally stable even under the most diverse circumstances. Low maintenance costs and a long service life also set them apart from the market.

We would be pleased to support you in finding the optimum solution for your requirements. With our well-founded expertise and many years of experience, we can also realize your very individual designs. Please contact us